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myco labs Capsules – Rest & Relax


Buy myco labs Capsules – Rest & Relax 

Rest & Relax by myco labs are part of an exclusive range of top-game psilocybin products coming from the myco labs brand. The team behind this primarily focuses on offering potency and effectiveness. Pound by pound, every gram of psilocybin in these capsules is pure-quality and fresh, with ample therapeutic and psychedelic effects. These are best used for microdosing and as supplements to enrich your intake of nutrients.

Rest & Relax capsules contain not just a complex psilocybin blend but also CBD isolate and organic Reishi. They’re vegan-friendly, GMO-free, and all-natural products made on our home turf, in Canada. One container holds 60 capsules/servings, and the dosage depends on your choice. You can pick the 50mg ones or the 200mg capsules. It’s all up to you! The latter will be more potent and veer off from the ideal of microdosing, though the effects are still subperceptual for the most part.

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