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They contain just Golden Teacher Psilocybin Cubensis strain of Magic Mushrooms. These caps are made with the purist in mind, someone who wants to microdose psilocybin without any additional ingredients. MyGoldens Microdose Mushroom Caps provide an all-natural increase in brain function while simultaneously combating anxiety, depression and stress. In addition, they may provide a more connected feeling with oneself and surroundings.

MyGoldens Microdose Caps will take about 15-45 minutes to take effect. Daily use can yield significant cumulative results within a week or more. Satisfied customers suffering from chronic stress have confirmed that MyGoldens Microdose Caps helped them deal better with stressful social situations and self-consciousness. They may help you feel more resilient, positive, and motivated. Micro-dosing psilocybin may help boost alertness and creativity while helping to reduce anxiety, depression and stress.

Earn up to 70 Happy Points.

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